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The residence JOIA has everything to please you, its very advantageous geographical situation between two big cities of the country Praia and Assomada, São Domingos is the ideal place to live on the island of Santiago.

JOIA is a mixed residence between home and services. We let you discover our offer for 4 commercial spaces having between 91 m2 and 164 m2

Our very bright and spacious apartments high standing :

5 apartments T2 ranging from 73m2 to 85m2, including two bedrooms, kitchen, living room, 1 bathroom plus WC, storage space and 2 balconies

5 apartments T3 ranging from 103m2 to 139m2, comprising 3 bedrooms, kitchen, living room, 2 bathrooms with WC, storage space and 2 to 3 balconies


PARAIZU KRIOL is a project developed in close collaboration with the City of São Domingos, the site is preparing to receive many infrastructures promoting a quality of life and a well-being in everyday life:

Discover our project / Allotment PARAIZU KRIOL - São Domingos with more than 40 lots available for all types of projects, housing and commercial, not to mention the spaces reserved for sports and recreation.

  1. Lots for commercial space with different services
  2. Lots for leisure / sports area.
  3. Lots for housing for all your needs : Single Family Home, Apartments and Villas.
  4. Lots for tourist area.

JOIA residence with its commercial spaces and apartments T2 and T3, very spacious and high standing.

São Domingos

Only 10 minutes from the capital, São Domingos has everything to please you, its geographical location very advantageous between two big cities of the country Praia and Assomada, is the ideal place to live on the island of Santiago.


São Domingos is a municipality with great tourist potential thanks to its beautiful beaches, this is also the case in Praia Baixo. On these beaches you can admire some endangered sea turtles who find refuge there. Moreover, in Rui Vaz, a region to the west of the municipality, is a protected forest area where you can plan mountain excursions.


Finally, the main feature of São Domingos is its cultural richness especially in the field of music where you can admire some famous artists such as Anu Nobu, Codé Di Dona, Manuel Di Candinho who are from the region. São Domingos is today seen as a cultural space, where music is in the soul of its people ...

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